INK Real Estate Partners is a full service brokerage and advisory group specializing in New York City’s Office, Retail, Investment Sales and Hospitality markets. We service buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants with all related Real Estate transactional requirements.

With a combined 50+ years of experience and our commitment to understanding the individual needs and concerns of our clients, we are enabled to proactively address and provide solutions and options that are most suitable in ensuring all objectives are fully met.

Whether you face time constraints or have time to explore options, looking for the perfect space to lease or investment opportunity can present challenges. The INK Real Estate Partners team is fully committed and our #1 Goal is your ultimate satisfaction.


It's all about options

We are a brokerage and advisory group specializing in New York City’s commercial retail and office market. Our focus is to represent tenants looking to buy or lease office and retail space in New York City.

Our commitment to understanding the needs and concerns that a business faces allows us to proactively address and provide the solutions and options that are suitable to completing the task, saving everyone time and minimizing the hassle.

Whether you need it quick or are looking for the perfect space, we have it covered.


John Kourtis

John Kourtis

Founder & President

Fernando Juca

Fernando Juca




Our brokerage services are oriented in delivering results and we diligently and efficiently work with investors, owners and businesses in the sale, purchase and leasing of properties. We research and scour the market to find the right property and negotiate terms to a transaction that is satisfactory for all parties involved.


We represent owners exclusively in leasing their properties. Our understanding of the market and the customers generates a well maintained atmosphere for the tenants and owners by keeping the tenants satisfied, buildings fully leased and the owners receiving market rates for available space.


With a wide network of professionals including architects, engineers, expediters, attorneys, media and web designers and IT networking specialists, we always find a way to create a finished project with the right people to get it all done. We assist businesses, landlords and investors in their decision making about every aspect from logistics to interior design.


Locating, evaluating and negotiating a lease for a business is what we do best. We work closely with principals in identifying their requirements and business ethos to uncover what the right location and setup would correspond to those needs. We work to deliver as much information and options to create informed and appropriate decision making when as it’s needed.

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